Opening for The Gin Blossoms Tomorrow

I made a thread a few years ago when this happened, but its happening again tomorrow. I got hired to play trombone with the opening band for The Gin Blossoms tomorrow in Va Beach. Same band, same stage. Only thing that is different this time is that I have 4 gigs tomorrow, which is a first for me. I’ll take some pictures and post some updates on how it goes. I believe that we are hitting the stage at 7:30pm.


Cool stuff, enjoy!


That’s awesome!

That’s rad man

Very cool man! Crush it!

I refuse to believe this.

Until I hear it from you.


Bad ass!!!

Beat me to it lol

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If there is one band I’d travel to see, it’s the Gin Blossoms.

Hey, jealousy is not the way to support the OP.


If you go to this concert, I’ll follow you down.


I just figured Toad the Wet Sprocket would monumentally be opening for them.

Epic - love that bad - I’m trying to learn all of their songs on the drums.

Allison Road is my favorite song by them


Their producer Joby is a great dude. I’ve heard the whole group is very nice

4 gigs in a day for a trombonist as about as good as it gets :wink:

OP you should take the chance to make it all about you. Break out into a sick trombone solo right in the middle of it.

This could be your big break!


Also, insert rusty trombone joke here.

Lucky for me, that’s the only one on trombone tomorrow. The other 3 are on guitar. I can’t blow for that long. …penis.