Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Just wondering if anyone is planning on picking this game up or not?

 Definitely, but I'm not too confident. 360 version for me but without the mission editor (for the console versions), there's not a ton of playability there.

 9/10 from CVG (for the PC version)

"While ArmA II had the potential to be superb, Dragon Rising actually is."

that's awesome. I was worried how it would be.

I'd like to check this ou for the PC. No chance of a demo?

 I know there is going to be a console demo, not sure about PC.

Was worried that it wouldn't live up to it, with Arma 2 taking over(which is absolutely fantastic btw on multiplayer/vent)

i loved the first one. if this version is even half as good i'll get it on PC and love it

 8.1 from IGN UK

"Far slower, more strategic and more realistic than most modern war shooters – Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is fairly sure to find an appreciative audience. At its best, it's nerve-janglingly tense as you plot and then implement the next firefight – where decisions you make have very serious consequences. But be warned, it's not a game that gently welcomes those more used to running-and-gunning, and even for the hardcore, there are serious problems with awkward command menus for your squad and bland missions at the top of the list of minus points. Online, with friends, Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising really shows off its best side – and the game is probably best played through co-operatively. If you like playing co-op, or you don't mind trading moments of frustration for a smarter, slower war experience, this is recommended."

This sounds right up my alley. I do not like run and gun.

Looks like a pretty damn good game that's just gonna get swallowed up by MW2's shadow

 Out now.

for some reason amazon has the game listed for $73 from a 2nd party shipper only

stuff like that usually only happens when they change the release date at the last minute or something so i'm not sure if it came out today or not. did you see any copies for xbox or ps3 orcus, or just the PC version?

 360 and PC versions are on torrent sites as of last night, and today is the release date so it should be in all stores now. Gamestop has it at least.

Neither Gamestop nor Walmart where I live have it today. Gamestop said maybe tomorrow

 GAF dude (pc version): "Game is awesome, strikes the perfect balance for realism vs fun. Feels like a really polished version of the old school Red Storm Clancy Games (R6, Ghost Recon) before Ubisoft shit all over them.  Did the first 4 missions in 4 player coop, absolute blast, highly recommended."

One problem is there are only 11 campaign missions. PC people are fine since there's a mission editor. Console guys might run out of game pretty quick.

 Im still getting it I have it pre-ordered at gamestop. My gamertag is my screen name on xbox live

I only need one epic FPS, MW2

 Gamesradar 9/10

You'll love

Realistic and detailed

Awesome co-op campaign

Hard but fair

You'll hate

Sacrifices some realism for accessibility

Some console touches could annoy PC gamers

No save anywhere function

 Another GAF post: "this is what Ghost Recon should have been on a console, but wasn't. I can't wait to read all the hate that's going to come up when it comes to firefights. You actually have to adjust for your bullet trajectory and actually lead your targets."