Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

i don't know why people are so hung up on "save anywhere"

why does it matter if you can only save at the start of a level or whatever? unless the game is like Demon Souls hard it shouldn't make that much of a difference

i'm really interested in this game, but i've read a lot of criticism having to do with horrible AI, and lots of bugs.

just got my copy. i'll play it some and let you know what the deal is

Maxximus - i'm really interested in this game, but i've read a lot of criticism having to do with horrible AI, and lots of bugs.

 Unfortunately that's pretty much par for the course for military sims.

Anybody get it yet?

 I just played the first mission. Really does feel like the last-gen Ghost Recon to me (not an insult). Graphics are decent, ugly in spots but nice in others, jaggier than I'd like. Saw no framerate problems or tearing. Draw distance is good, I saw no pop-in, but I did not fly a helicopter yet. Controls felt good, it's easy to do everything you need to do. Sound is fantastic, at least with surround sound. AI (friendly and enemy) was pretty unimpressive. Mission took me 35 minutes on Experienced difficulty. From what I understand, Hardcore is not actually "harder" than Experienced, but it removes all HUD elements entirely, along with the reticule (you have to use ironsights if you want to aim) and removes checkpoints -- you die, you start the whole mission over. I wish you could turn off the HUD and reticule but still keep the checkpoints.

Driving was annoying because there is no third-person view option and you don't have freelook while driving, so you can't turn your head to look around.

Everything I've read says it's a blast in co-op and kind of meh in singleplayer, which seems like it will probably be accurate. I actually only ever completed one or two missions of the original OFP solo in all the years I've had it.

Haven't tried multi yet, will try co-op tonight.

how could you not have done all the missions and the expansion packs for the first one yet? those are really really good

 I never got into the singleplayer. I always hate ordering AI squadmates, plus it was super hard.

In singleplayer games I think I am much more into running and gunning then sitting on a hill for two hours carefully picking off enemies. Then you finally head into the compound and the one guy you never saw plugs you in the head from two miles away.

it was hard but the expansion pack where you fight for the resistance was seriously pretty fun

even now its better than half the shit that has just come out

 Played the first mission again and part of the second with a friend co-op. Definitely more fun co-op, like every game. First mission is too easy. Second mission we failed because we took too long. The objectives are sometimes kind of vague and I don't think there's any way to pull them up mid-mission. One annoying thing is in Experienced mode, there are onscreen objective markers leading you to each waypoint, which is more help than I'd like, but like I said, the next step is Hardcore which removes checkpoints entirely.

The second mission is a night mission and looks fantastic. Great foliage, very nice night time lighting, with moonrise, etc. Basically like playing OFP in Oblivion.

More info, games looks and sounds incredible. I think it is just what I am looking for. Hopefully Blockbuster has this tonight.

 I would really like a patch that lets you customize exactly what "help" you get, rather than preset difficulty levels.

As it is, Experienced is like this:

  • compass at top of screen -- I'd like to keep this, because unlike OFP, as far as I know you can't pull out a pocket compass to check bearings

  • spotted enemies and objectives marked on compass -- would like to get rid of this

  • objective markers overlaid on screen in your first person view -- would like to get rid of this

  • ammo counter -- could take or leave this

  • squad status -- could take or leave this

  • posture and wound status -- could take or leave this

  • radar -- don't want this

  • aiming reticule -- don't want this (ironsights or bust!)

  • friendlies, objectives, and spotted enemies showing on map, moving in realtime -- don't want this. Maybe just your own location

That's more help than I'd like. But the next level is Hardcore, which gets rid of all of that (which might still be fine other than maybe the compass), but also gets rid of checkpoints. With some missions taking over an hour and lots of walking, I don't want to have to start from the beginning if one of us is killed near the end.

That seems like something that could be easily fixd in the first patch, also the vibe I am getting that lots of DLC is planned.

Post up your XBOX LIVE gamertags genimals!

 From a GAFer: "Fairly short too. I'm at the last mission with a play time of 5 1/2 hours, and that includes a few restarts."

Playing right now. It's fun so far, too bad that it is such a short game. just finished the 2nd mission

sk n jo

I like the game except my team sometimes doesn't respond to my orders. I was trying to put my guys into good cover so I could sweep around the enemy while they cover fire but they never went to exactly where I placed the marker and thus they were left in the open getting slaughtered

game has insane bugs, everything from evac choppers not landing, AI POW's standing there looking at the fucking thing not getting in, just terrible shit.

but when you get 4 people its a fuckload of fun.

add me: pbucch

would love to play this online co-op, as i agree that the AI is awful: TheMorg0826

Morg I am feeling a bit under the weather, I should be on about 9:30pm est, you down?