Opinions on Atama Gold Weave?

Alright guys and gals, a new gi is on the list for Christmas. Was trying to stay in the $50 to $60 range, but Mrs. Maximus says if the Gold Weave is worth the extra money, then by all means, go for the better buy.

So let me hear from the ones who have the gold weave. My current gi is a Padilla & Sons that I absolutely love. I have also used (very briefly, it was a friends) an Atama single, unbleached. Any comparisons there woudl be nice. I am a bit short (5' 9") and broad thru the shoulders. How does it fit thru that area? Fairly roomy?

Thanks y'all.

ttt - come on, someone has to have an opinion.

I'm 5'10" @ 170-175 lbs. and wear an A-2. I have the unbleched single and love the gi very much and it is roomy in the shoulder area(just as the description says it is in the website). I would like to buy the Mundial kimono by ATAMA which is a gold weave. I have had little experience in their goldweaves. They feel and fit very nice. That's all that I can say about them and that they are well worth the price. I would buy it if I had the cash.

I have one and its the best Gi I have ever owned. Im 6'2'' and about 230 so I cant comment on the size youll need but mine fits me great. Also what I first noticed was how soft it was, I actually put it on right after opening the box and watched TV in it for about an hour or so.

Cant go wrong with the gold

ditto mfah. i'm his size & weight and bought one upon the recommendation of a teammate. it's the only gi i'll buy now.

good gi, i just wish it was cut a little shorter in the skirt.

If you love your Padilla gi, bjjtapes.com is now selling his gis
under their name.

I have an Atama Gold Weave A-2. I'm 5 ft 8 inches and weigh about 155 lbs. The gi is very comfortable but the gi tends to shrink a good amount after washing, especially at the length of the sleeves. This is fine with me since my arms aren't too long.

Same exact story as nagesto... I love my Atama Gold Weave.

Agreed, i am very pleased with my atama gold weave--6'1 190 A3

I like my atama gold. I would recommend it.