opinions on CrossFit workout


what do you guys think of Crossfit? Getting positive feedback over on the OG, but figured I'd see what the experts think over here

It will get you in shape... awesome shape.

Do one of the workouts, see what you think. Today's is perfect (TUES 11OCT)
If gear is a limiting factor, find a Workout that suits.

Report back w/ thoughts.

I'm definitly gonna try it out today.

Only exercise that might pose a problem is the medicine ball one, because for some weird reason, my gym doesn't have medicine balls! And it's a pretty good/expensive gym!

only been doing it for a month, but I love...best program I've ever used, both for being effective and something I don't get bored with. It's very tough, but always done in 30 mins or less, so totally worth it. And if someone says it isn't that tough, the only one they have to blame is themselves. Since it is very much time/rep based, if it's too easy, you haven't pushed yourself hard enuff.

I know it sounds like a bowflex infomercial, but even with only one month under my belt, people have commented on me dropping weight, and I can't believe how fast I'm gaining size in my chest and shoulders, and what gut i have is slowly disappering. I dunno if it's from the CrossFit alone, but whatever I'm doing, it's working.

tristar, I would suggest dedicating at least a week to it to really get a feel for what the program is like.
And if you need a medicine ball you can make one CHEAP with an old basketball, sand and duct tape:


you must be a sucker for punishment doing Fight Gone Bad as your first WOD, but Good Luck!... I know I'll have MY puke bucket ready.

Crossfit for two months here and I agree with Stazher, I thought i was pretty strong before for my size but that was a joke compared to now. I'm definitely hooked. The best is that it's not only completely free but there is also the huge active forum which has almost any answers you might have about crossfit in its archives, I havent even registered yet because the search function answered everything.

On a side note: working crossfit with a friend is definitely the way to go, you tend to push yourself a lot more and it's fun to race each other through the workouts.

that workout really kicked my ass! A LOT tougher than I thought it would be.

did all 3 rounds, but couldn't do the full 60 seconds for any exercises starting on the second round.
I honestly thought I was gonna puke during round 2

look forward to tomorrow!

tomorrow is an off day but I'm gonna train cause I can't on Thursday (holiday)

any specific routine from earlier in the week that you guys recommend doing tomorrow?

Tristar, you are to be applauded for getting out there full on, using common sense and good judgment, and feeling first hand. You left your ego at the door and said 'fuck it' Stazher did it and now you. Well done. Note your score, keep doing the WOD and training, and hit it up again 2 months from now. Your goal should be to do it completely w/ perscribed wt (assuming you are over 150lb).

Also, (not that Mens Journal is a great Rag or anything and usually prescribes "6weeks to perfect abs")


"that workout really kicked my ass! A LOT tougher than I thought it would be. "

I find that as a general rule, the easier the WOD looks, the tougher it probably is.

as for a WOD for tomorrow, you could try the one from Oct. 5 which is:
For time 15, 12, and 9 rep rounds of:
45 pound Dumbbell Thruster

sub dips and pullups if you can't do muscle ups. Supposed to do x3 the amount of dips and pullups if subbing for muscle ups, but I only did x2 and it kicked my ass. But it's a good workout, tough and intense and definitely harder than it looks.

http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/2005_10.html check out the video under Oct. 5, impressive display of the above WOD.

CF rocks! Just start slow and ramp up for the first month or so.

sd121, thanks, ya, I'm 6'0, about 200-205 lbs.

Been trianing for a long time, but recently have completely lost all interest in lifting heavy anymore just to get bigger. In all honesty, I find it useless. Slows me down in boxing and BJJ, and I just don't like being so bulky anymore. Was looking for a workout that would compliment my MMA training and this seems like it could be the workout for me

Stahzer, thanks man, I'll try that workout out today. I did dumbell thrusters yesterday instead of the medicine ball workout, and I'm pretty damn sore today! Is it cool to do it again today?

"did all 3 rounds, but couldn't do the full 60 seconds for any exercises starting on the second round. I honestly thought I was gonna puke during round 2"

I almost lost it after round 2 as well. Rd 3 was hell and I spent 15 minutes flopped in the corner of the gym trying not to die.

I'm not sure what other WOD to recommend, cuz my whole body is sore today plus I'm not really an expert on the subject.

but, on the website, if you click on october archives you could pick a WOD that looks interesting to you. J.T. was a good one or try your hand at the virtual shovelling one.

That was my first Fight Gone Bad yesterday, and it damn near killed me. SUbbing burpee's for the rowing was rough. I just kept telling myself to be thankful that there were no pullups involved.

Good work all. I encourage you guys to get involved on the message board and post comments over there. You'd be surprised how your drive and commitment boosts. It is a very supportive community w/ subject matter experts abound. IF you're ever in Santa Cruz, Coach Glassman is very welcoming to newcomers.

Tristar, by what you are saying CF might be an outstanding protocol for you. There is going to be max effort days (1RM on Back squat, DL, C&J, Pushpress) It's good to be skilled in these mvments but scale to your needs. By going lighter on the "big daddy" movements (Dl's, Cleans, Squats, jerks) and mixing it w/ bag work/running/rowing, you will find an extremely potent combo. I posted some examples under the Deadlift thread.

Now that you've cut your teeth, recommend surfing the Archives on CF for Workouts that catch your interest. Stay on it.

thanks for the words encouragement sd121.

I do read the comments section everyday and the message board is great. I just search for any questions I have and always find an answer in the archives. I will start posting there at some point, I just like to hang out and get the feel for a place before I start posting.

sd121, I just signed up on the message board and posted at the Starting forum, under my real name Josh Perzow. Seems like a bunch of cool people over there who know what they're talkin about.

I'm really sore today. Thinkin about trying my luck at the "Murph" workout, but seems like a REAL tough one!

Also, check out www.crossfitnorcal.com, there is a great monthly newsletter on there called The Performance Menu!, I just bought up all 8 back issues and they are great!


They've got some great ideas, but I've noticed a tendency to overtrain, especially among those just getting started. Give yourself time to work up to doing the full WODs. When you get to that level, you will be in much better overall condition.

Two of my friends are big into CF and are starting a new CF gym in NC. I decided to give it a try today. Right now, I lift about 3 days per week and do BJJ about 4 days... on a good week.

For my first workout I did the "Murph" or something like that. Run 1 mile, 100 Pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats and then run another mile.

Sweet jesus I'm sore and it's only been 8 hours since I did the workout. I saw your post over on the CF website Tristar and I'm in the exact same boat as you. I carry a lot of extra muscle and really am not into lifting like I once was. I'm looking to slim down some and improve my cardio. I think I might have found the way!