Opinions on deadlift machine

Ignoring the guy in videos horrible form, whats everyonees opniion on using one of these for deadlifts.
Do they restrict your form?
Pros and cons?

Im looking to start doing DL again and since my gym has one, was wondering if i should use one of these.

Never heard of a deadlift machine. What exactly is the benefit? Phone Post

Nah, dont restrict your body to a machine. Try starting lighter and using correct form. Phone Post

The only real benefit I see from watching the vid (having never actually used one myself, mind you) would be ease of plate loading. You'd be restricted to the plane of motion of the carriage itself, but that doesn't necessarily mean it would differ much from a standard bar.

What the hell...I say give it a try and see how you like it.

The parallel handles are a nice feature, but yeah, the restricted ROM can be a pain in the ass for a lot of people. Also, like Leg Presses, I know dudes who know how to "work the machine" and end up lifting ridiculous amounts of weight that they couldn't even touch by 1/2 on a barbell.

Kind of redundant imo.

Invisible Lats Syndrome - Kind of redundant imo.

 This. You're not really deadlifting using that machine. It's meant for squatting type movements.

Deadlifting correctly isn't that hard, just takes practice.


 There are a few companies making DL machines. The one in the video appears to be the current model made by Hammer Strengh (actually Life Fitness these days). It is not good. The handles, though parallel, are at an awkward angle, and very uncomfortable.

Better off with a Trap Bar. Here is what I think is the best one around (scroll down and look for the Dead-lift / Trap-Bar).

A better machine version than the one in the video, is this one.

Deadlifts are an awesome exercise. If you are not a power-lifter, than I feel a trap-bar or machine version is fine.



Has anyone tried the snatch machine?

I got one with pulsating lips.