Opinions on grappling dummies

Due to a full and hectic schedule I cannot attend class as frequently as I'd like and training partners are far and few between. Could you guys post opinions on dummy training and specific products available and why you think "x" dummy is good for throwing drills, dummy "y" is good for grappling drills, which are most durable, best value for your money, which drills are most productive for dummy training, etc.

Has anyone seen or used the torso dummy with two "heads" put out by Erik Paulson? What is its specific purpose?

TIA for all (hopefully serious) responses.

Live wrestling set aside,there are some good options available. For throwing, a simple punching bag or the Combat Sports Intl.'s throwing dummie ($99)are good multi-purpose choices. For grappling, I think you can make your own and achieve the same thing as what the expensive models offer. The drills are numorous.

But, if you are solo, don't overlook shadow wrestling. Before I ever work a technique on a live person I will do shadow wrestling drills with that technique. That more than anything has been my best solo training method. The live rolling only confirms what I have been doing in solo training. You can't replace live rolling but you can't stop because it's not always an option either.