Opinions on Jack3D?

Hi all,

I've been recommended to try out Jack3D. Has anyone used this? And if so what are your opinions?


It is made by USPLabs. I prefer Jack3D over BSN NOxplode I have used both. Jack3D doesn't have the fillers other do. Best to just try it .If you ask one of the reps at Vitamin shop they may have a free sample for you to test it. If not go to USPlabs site and ask there they may send you a few samples to try.

i got a free bottle of Gakic when I bought a jug of protein powder and read lots of reviews saying Gakic works very well. Ill try it and give my honest review.

but i havent heard anything negative about jacked.so if you get some let us know how it is.

i've been using it since jan/feb and i recommend it to everyone. after a while you get used to 1 scoop and have to up it to 2 though

 I used to work at vitamin world and it really messed with my WRONG FORUM ASSHOLE

1.M.R is getting rave reviews. If I had the choice of any pre sup to try it be that.

I wanted a broader audience base to respond from hence I posted it here.

Thanks Porkchop for the info. I'm actually in Australia and it seems quite hard to get here. I asked the staff at a vitamin store here and they said it's hard to get through Australian customs because it's almost like steroids. Any truth in that? I asked for more clarification but the staff was either not being helpful or just didn't know.

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I've used an entire bottle of Jack3d and got a few friends hooked in the process. My friends swear by it.
Good mental focus
Great pumps
Tons of energy

Loss of appetite
Hard crash when it wears off

USPLabs is a great company though. I've used almost everything from them. Prime, Anabolic Pump, and Powerfull all worked really good.

i use jack3d for a month and then take a month off. I think it's great, just makes me extremely focused on lifting. Unlike RoccCity, i don't have any crash at all. When i'm done working out i could go straight to bed. I use it all up in the gym. 1 and 1/2 scoops is what i take, with like 4 oz. of water.

I just started using Jack3d and my workout have been awesome. My head is clear and it gives me awesome energy. I have experienced a little "crashing" but not that bad. Compared to NO Xplode, NO Shotgun and other pre-workout supplements I have tried, Jack3d is far superior. I don't buy into the whole vascularity and pump results but if you're looking for a supplement that will give you good, focused workouts...this is it.

just use THC

Thanks all for comments and info. I'll give it a try.