Opinions on Muay Thai in Cage

I am some what of purist but am considering putting Cage Muay Thai on Gladiators Fighting under Full Thai Rules for Pros.

Feed back please...

LOFL! That sounds bad ass..

fuck it why not..

do it!

somebody do one for boxing too..

Fighting is fighting and while it changes some things the opportunity to fight outweighs the changes.

Must use standard gloves, do not use MMA gloves unless you are getting rid of standing 8's and multiple knock downs.

Thanks guys!

Great to hear from eric.

The rules would be Full Muay Thai 3 rounds x 3 minutes for pros & no elbow to the head 3 rounds x 2 minutes for amateurs.

Our pro MMA rules are Unified Rules 3 rounds x 5 minutes & our amateur MMA rules do not allow elbows to the head 3 rounds x 3 minutes

Yes on the cage. We used use the 5 rope ring for MMA but it is not as practical a cage. Our show Mixed with MMA & Muay Thai when we used the ring. Considering it with Muay Thai in the cage.

I have been asked this before. A club out of Bloomington Illinois is doing it now. At first I was against it, kinda took away the tradition. I tend to go with what Ajarn Chai says, since he approves or disapproves much of what us TBA guys do, but he even wants MMA on the same shows as our Muay Thai, he is all for change if it is positive. Since the majority of the normal fight fans dont understand Muay thai, they only know MMA as the UFC has promoted it, I think having Muay Thai in the cage would be a positive thing, provided the gloves are still the same and the rules are intact, yes, i agree, it needs to be full Thai rules for the Pro's. I think doing this will actually bring more awareness to the general fans of Muay Thai, they will like it, embrace it eventually, then when promoters have it in the ring, the fans will come. Everything comes around full circle.

So, yea, I think it is alright. I think it will be a positive all the way around.

cage = greater fighter safety

Duke, he's a K1 rules fight from one of the last Cage Rage events you may be interested in seeing.


Thanks Pete!

I know some great MT fighters who'll fight anywhere, but know MT belongs in a ring.  I say any opportunity for MT is limited, and thus important, but if given the prefence it's a ring every time.  With no ground / take downs, the ring is best. 


Thanks! I trained with James McSweeney in Holland for a day at Fight School Carbin along with Alisatir Overeem & Tyrone Spong. Vintage Fight School carbin Knees. Bad boys

I am not a fan of it. The guys I train with that have fought MT in a cage did not like it at all.

The benefit is an actual Muay Thai fight. I struggle every day to just get matches for my squad.

I think it would mess up any fighter who is used to using the ropes to his advantage (laying on the ropes, using them for spring, etc.) Other than that, why not?

I know what you mean guys on the art & skill of Muay Thai tricks in the ring. To go along with Eric it is hard here the central region of the USA to get Muay Thai fights.

Our fan base is largely MMA of lately but wanted to get Muay Thai some play too.


I agree, actually, with a cage there is indeed more safety. Just in the last 2 Muay Thai events I have been to, I have seen 2 "big guy" bouts where the guys went throught the ropes, and one guy hurt his back pretty bad when his opponent clinched him low, drove his chin in his chest, and bent him over the top rope violently. None of this would have happened in a cage.


I also agree with you, in that Muay Thai "belongs" in a ring, BUT, here in Iowa for example, it is very hard to compete with the MMA shows in terms of attendance because the fans dont understand MuayThai and they are used to seeing "fights" in a cage. I think having Muay Thai in the cage will give more positive exposure for Muay Thai to the masses.

Just my opinion.

Its not like we are trying to change the entire sport here. Just one particular event. In this case, Duke's. That may be one of the only fights a particular Muay Thai fighter ever has in a cage. MMA is split down the middle across the country between cages and rings. If it doubles the opportunties for my fighters to gain experience, then I am all for it!

Agreed! If the mma promoters would throw in a couple Muay Thai bouts in their cage around here, it may bring in more fans to my Muay thai events in the ring. I would not want to change it forever, just here and there to bring awareness to how exciting a good full rules Muay Thai fight can be.


Dave Rogers, down in Normal, IL. here. The guys in Bloomington are using a really small cage, like 14-15 feet. They called me looking for some kickboxers, I didnt have anything for them, but I dont think that would be an ideal situation for Muay Thai in my opinion. Me personally, I've never been in a cage before and I've never reffed in one either.

Call me Old Skool I guess, but if your guys can get more fights, then I say more power to you.

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