Opinions on Nick Diaz

I just wanna know the overall opinions of Nick Diaz. Everyone I talk to either loves him, or hates him.

I love him. I NEVER understand why the UFC put him on the undercard (as opposed to being shown on PPV) - he's one of my favorite fighters to watch.

As far as I'm concerned, his fight with Diego Sanchez was one of the best I've ever seen (Pride fights included).

entertaining fighter who isn't afraid to speak his mind. One of my favorite fighters.

Nick Diaz should ALWAYS be on the PPV show if he is on the card.That dude never has a boring fight.

A fighter that fights to win bu KO or submission.  He will not try to edge out a decision and that's why I'm a Nick Diaz fan.  That and he swears like a sailor...

definetly puts on a good fight.

I enjoy watching Diaz fight, I think he is a talented striker and great on the ground. I still like watching his fight against Diego Sanchez

"I NEVER understand why the UFC put him on the undercard (as opposed to being shown on PPV)"

Maybe because it was his last fight in the UFC at the time, and he had signed with a rival organization?

Just a guess...

Nick is one of my favorite fighters. Unfortunately he came up on the bad end of some poor decisions in the ufc. That said I think a couple of those fights only went to the judges because he let them.

one of the few fighters who always brings it everytime he's got a match. if
it runs all the way to the decision, the crowd's gotten a full 15 min. of
action - unlike several others who will remain nameless. Need more
fighters like him.

Literally has all the tools. And still young enough to make a lot of noise for years to come.

My favorite UFC fighter. Never has a boring fight.

Great post & even better responses. I'm not much of a fan of his personality...but the kid can fight.

I also love the way he takes it to the favorites...Ex Lawler

I must admit I'm becoming a fan...good luck in '07 Nick

I would always love watching him fight. His striking is underrated and he is a joy to watch on the ground, even when he's getting beat, he is excellent from the bottom.

Him outside of the ring is another story. His interviews, he's not very articulate and he's always putting the blame on someone else.

For example, after the Sherk fight, he was saying how he thought he won. In some of his other fights, you could say that he won but I felt that Sherk had definetly won but Nick still went on how he was the winner.

Very good BJJ, never in a dull fight, very marketable, young, striking seems to improve every fight. I find it hard not to have him in one of the top organizations with a long term contract with all the upside he has.

natural born fighter and not boring like the cookie cutter "aw shucks" midwest mold of MMA fighter

His only weakness is his gameplans

I think he has shored up the gameplan problems. He is one of the best as far as putting on an entertaining fight. I even enjoy watching his decision losses.

Nick Diaz is an underrated striker and a very soild grappler. Never had a dull fight but has never been consistent in the UFC.He needs to go to KOTC and rack up some experience before moving back up.

The best guys he has faced have all beat him.

Great fighter to watch, otherwise he's probably a total retard. He acts like a child and shirks responsibility like one.

he's still only like 23 yrs old.. he will be one of the greats in our sport in a few years. can't wait to see him win the GFC belt next month