Opinions on Nick Diaz

"He needs to go to KOTC and rack up some experience before moving back up." - Put the internet down and baaaack away slowly...This guy has fought everyone and he belongs at the top level of the sport. IMO.

I respect Nick Diaz alot...He fights MMA....He competes in Jiu-Jitsu (gi). He competes No Gi. He represents Stockton (I'm a UOP alum and I got a soft spot in my heart for that dirty nasty wonderful town).

Nick Diaz = Good for the sport!

I knew Nick Diaz when......... When I joined the "ill-famed" Shamrock 2000 Team in Lodi in 2000 (Obviously), he was this quiet skinny 18 year old with absolutely NO Martial Arts training whatsoever.He started learning from Steve Heath, as did I. Steve was and is an incredible instructor and I can say was the guy who brought Nick to Cesar and the rest is history. I rolled with Nick years ago and he was wicked. I'd have to say that as fighter, he is one of the best. People here have a hard time dealing with his attitude but I can honestly say, He doesn't really give a shit what you think.

Gotta give props to CESAR and his ARMY.

Nick Diaz rocks!

That is all.

One of my favorites

Nick is an exciting fighter.

Excellent fighter.. ALWAYS has a place in the UFC IMO. His personality seems to reflect a high school cholo but as long as he fights the way he does I don't give a fuck.

Great fighter.

After UFC65 he was out front signing stuff and taking pics, quite a few drunks but Nick put up with the annoying ones, was pleasant and patient and seemed like a very cool guy. He prolly doesnt give a shit about what you think, but he does know how to be professional when dealing with the fans.

Great for MMA!

He's got a great ass!

ttt for Nick Diaz

MMMmmmmm is that maple syrup or marmalade coated on Nick's balls? It could be licorice and I would still love them.

Future champ. He's a young 23 years old and his skills have developed more than any other fighter in the past few years.

He's even improved his wrestling which was the weakest part of his game. Once he gets his game plans together and starts to be more aggressive he'll be champ.

solid fighter. brings it. i think the ufc used him as a stepping stone for a lot of tuf fighters. its sad the way they treated him. best luck to him he deserves it

hes a fighter's fighter

Nick is a great talent, and it was really smart for the GFC to pick him up when his contract expired with the UFC. I think the GFC is the next big thing in MMA. Nick will definitly be the 170lb champ in the GFC come Jan 20th.

I love a good diaz fight. He brings it every time. Sometimes he has been a little too laid back towards finishing or getting the decision and that has ultimately cost him. If the UFC keeps riggs after letting Diaz walk, that will suck ass.

Great fighter and the ufc needs him back.

could beat anyone in his weight class on any given day

Good fighter, real good skills with alot of potential, but runs his yap way way too much. If he would simmer,focus, and work on his soft spots I could see him going real far


I love to watch Nick Diaz fight.

I usually hate guys that talk a lot of smack, but Diaz is so over the top with it that I find him funny.