opinions on Pablo Papovitch dvd

Can you guys give me your opinion on Pablo's passing dvd set, and is most of it applicable to gi?

Thanks for any help.

Focuses on systematic principles.
I've applied them w/gi.

one of the best instructionals I have ever purchased

Some good stuff on there. Some might think I am joking by saying this, but the info can really help your "win by stalling" approach. It's been a bit since I viewed them but I remember laughing when watching because there are some Pablo critics who think he is a staller, but that approach is shown on the videos as well.

If you really want a more detailed review I will post one, just give me a week or two. I'm about due to sit around and skim some vids as I have a lot of time off coming up so I'll post more info for you. The techniques do apply to gi.

Fantastic! Good DVD, great guy Phone Post

I never understood why some folks call him a staller.  He almost always comes out aggressive for the takedown, passes guard and stays in a dominate position until he has an opening for finishing the guy.  To me that is a common sense appoach to fighting or competing.   I mean im no expert but it seems to me that is what jiu jitsu is about isnt it?  take no damage, obtain dominate position and finish the fight. above all stay in position to take no damage. 

he did finish 2 of his opponents in the last Adcc and may have finished a third if it weren't for the time running out. that's better than most with regard to finishing. Phone Post

Great DVD highly recommend it. Phone Post

Great DVD!

Thanks guys..i took advantage of the sale and ordered it!!

He also said he was going to make a dvd for those that donated to his family"s fund..anyone heard any news about that?

I love the calf trap position he teaches as a default setup for most of his passes. Makes it very easy to bridge the gap between De La Riva, half guard and butterfly, as well as between smash-passing, knee-cutting or going over/under.

You play the same basic passing game gi and no gi?