Opinions on Thin Lizzy??

I have been listening to a lot of Thin Lizzy recently. I had forgot how damn good they were as a rock band.

The tone they had for their twin guitar sound was amazing.

The sound on songs like Waiting for an alibi, Dancing in the Moonlight and Still in love with you was fantastic.

What does everyone else think of them?

I hate them. My guitar instructor has a hard on for them, but I personally want to smash my guitar over his head every time he assigns another one of their songs to me or starts playing around with "the boys are back in town"

One of my favorite rr bands..

One of the first rock bands to do dual harmony leads. Plus Gary Moore was a great player imho..

one of my favorites- awesome band- Lynott's songwriting, the twin guitar attack of Gorham + Robertson/Moore/White/Sykes...'nuff said-

Lynott,Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice were kicking around the idea of putting a band together in the mid-70's.It would have been promising.

Baby,I'm a hard man.