Opinions on this eBay guitar


One day I will own a sunburst Fender Strat. I'm considering this one. Under the descrip the seller is unsure about the origin of this thing, neck questions, etc.

He states it plays great (who knows) and I've sent him a message about whether the electronics are good.

I'm personally OK with the questions surrounding the guitar if the price stays low.

I know buying a guitar without seeing or playing it can turn out bad also. What are your opinions?

I'd say run away and don't look back, looks llike an accident waiting to
happen. It is pretty cheap though, if it stays around that range it might be
worth a gamble.

Seller got back to me, electronics are fine, sound good. I'd tend to believe him, he has 918 feedback ratings, 99.9% positive.


A great buyer's guide I wish I'd seen before. The strat this guy is selling has a stamp of IC which means "Indonesia - Cort mfr'd" Apparently all Strats mfr'd in Indonesia, China, and Korea are Squier. I'm going to stay away from it.

Good choice!