opinions on this "ranking system"

I am serving as a fighter/coach where I am currently training. I train the youth program and then do my training afterward. Obviously, a large problem with any program is retaining students. I have considered devising a "ranking" system much like the belt system in some martial arts for the younger kids. This gives them something more to shoot for and sets attainable goals for them. It would break down something like this:

level-I: novice 1st (6?) weeks you are a novice you participate in the program and most kids will not lose interest in the program in 6 weeks. I considered 12, which I would prefer in order for them to get adjusted to the program, but I'm not sure (opinions please)

Level-II: to advance to this rank, you must have completed a minimum of 25 hours in the program. (After each class students would fill out a card with the time they trained, the date, and what they worked on and have it signed by a coach). You must have learned and be able to demonstrate how to throw a 1-2 and a double jab (with decent form), you must be able to run 2 miles in under 25 minutes, you must be able to demonstrate proper, basic jump roping technique, you must be able to demonstrate "circling" the ring.

Level III: You must, have 20 rounds of sparring and 12 weeks in, you must know all & demonstrate all basic punches and throw combinations on command. Must be able to run 3 miles without stopping. You must explain and demonstrate the following, stalking, bobbing & weaving, slip and parry.

Level IV: must have 3 bouts, 16 weeks etc.

Do you think this is a good or bad idea? I was thinking of naming the levels something like novice, pug, prospect, contender, but that is sill if the kid is 0-3 calling him a "contender". But I want the kids to know that its not just about winning but learning boxing. I can't give them belts or new gloves. I haven't figured out how to define them. Maybe a bulliten board? Feedback please!


thanks for the advice fuckers!

I have no idea what little kids like, sorry.

Sounds great. It's hard keeping kids interested, if they don't have something to work towards. We have a trunks testing at our gym.

thanks for the responses, Martin,one thing I have implimented that does seem to work is an optional "road work club" I got the numbers of everyone in the club and put them on a typed piece of paper and handed it out to everyone. We post a sign up time to do roadwork and those interesed sign up and call to arragnge everything.

We also have times where one of the coached will invite all the kids over with their parents and whoever wants to come and watch fights and maybe have some BBQ. We can go over things in the class or sometimes I'll stop the tape and demonstrate a technique a boxer is using (or not using) effectively. We have done this twice and had decent turn out for it. It seems to foster a real team atmosphere. Its something I really believe in because my coach always had me over to watch tape and break it down and to go over things or just hang out.