Opinions on Tim LaHaye

i know there are some differing opinions of this guy out there and was wondering what the people here thought about him...is he a good representative of religion, faith etc...

I don't really know that much about him.I know he is a pre-trib guy and has written a lot of books.I know nothing of him personally.Most people that I have seen that are really in to end times prophecy either like him or think he is dangerous.I'm pretty sure the reason they think he is dangerous is because some mid trib (post trib/pre wrath)and post trib people believe the notion of a pre tribulation rapture as a dangerous thing to teach.I personally am not one of them.

But,like I said,I don't know much about him.

I think Fadiga makes a legit point.

I think most people's opinion of him is based on whether they agree or disagree with his view on the rapture.

I don't know how personally so like Fadiga I couldn't give you an opinion of him.

I do agree with his views on the rapture and I have read his books on the subject.

I am not sure where I stand on the entire rapture thing, I know it will happen, but when is not specifically clear from the scriptures, as LeHaye says it is. But he is a smart guy, not scared to preach the gospel, and his books seem to make a difference, and he claims have brought many to the Lord, if this is true, then I say that is good.

personnally he is a nice guy who loves and cares about Christ and the church as a whole.

theologically i think he is extremely off base when it comes to end times prophecies.

Pretjah is on the money! I am going with dangerous on this LaHaye guy.

JoshuaB, check out a guy named Marvin Rosenthal. Very interesting stuff. I think he has a very Biblical perspective on this topic.

-Tom Bombadil

well, i can't speak to the accuracy of his interpretation of scripture, as i'm not Christian. i tried to read the series, approaching it as fantasy literature.

all i learned was that LaHaye is an atrociously bad writer.

hey, i tried.

nope i cant, tell us

I could guess, but I would rather hear it from you :)

"Well I'm sure you can all guess what I thought of him."

i guess that based on your anti christian philosophy of life and you anything related to christianity is bad concepts of life that you didn't like him

yea but at least there is reason to dislike this guy

Read one or two of his books. Nothing wrong with him. It's just his interpretation of Revelations.

Summary of Revelations = Jesus wins. Ta-dah.

Whether we get raptured or not, thats for us to find out when it happens.

im not talking about his books...