Opportunity knocks

Gotta answer. I'm honored they asked me to step up and excited to fight Jacare. Crazy to start as a replacement and I've had 2 replacements since Phone Post 3.0

holy shit dude

thats a tough fight to take on short notice.

best of luck to you fren

Good luck man! Tough fight you've got balls of steel stepping up on short notice... We'll be pulling for you! Phone Post 3.0

Good luck CC he's a tough fight for anyone but I'm sure you'll find a way to win ...

War camozzi Phone Post 3.0

Co-main event is awesome!!!

Sick Fight...I Have no doubt you will give him a Beating to Remember!!

War Camozzi Phone Post 3.0

In. Go Bang Bro. Phone Post 3.0

Way to step up, anyone that takes a fight against a guy like Jacare on short notice will always have my respect. Will always look forward to seeing you fight.




Very tough fight but fighting someone with nothing to lose is the most dangerous fight Phone Post 3.0

sorry about the double post. maybe that means I'm double pumped to watch you fillet the gator

Hell of a fight on short notice good luck and congrats on a huge opportunity

Awesome stepping up!  Best of luck.

Jacare is a tough fight for anyone at MW, even with proper time to prepare. Camozzi is a BOSS.

Great attitude! Good luck! Phone Post

Will you be needing the UG to help you formulate a gameplan? Phone Post 3.0

Camozzi, you are a fucking champ and the definition of a warrior. I wish you the best of luck, and will be rooting for you!

I hope you win! I'll be rooting for you, friend. Rep the UG, that way you know you'll win. Phone Post 3.0

Tough fight, good luck.