ORANGE amps...

Any of you guys use these?

I just bought the ORANGE Crush 10 recording amp new for $100. Nice tone! Looks cool too.

I also have the VOX Brian MAY Special recording amp and thats my fave but the Orange amp is awesome for the price.

Blue namer please

I dig the old Orange tube heads. Gotta love the cool graphics on the front panel too.

Are you collecting small amps?

Apparently I am lol I think its the VOX and Orange for now unless I find another really cool little vintage amp clone I like. The VOX Brian May sounds better than the Orange for recording though.

Theyre so cheap but sound really good. I dont play out so theyre perfect for recording and playing in the house. I bet if I did play out I can easily mike these amps up to get a good stage sound.

A 1958 Fender Champ would also be a nice addition to your collectio.. ;)

I think ive seen a similar vintage amp like that fender at the local store for sale. it was like $800!

my amp is black with red trim, but that doesn't effect the tone. just kidding bro I have never had the privlidge to play one before sounds like I should check them out

I actually do collect small amps. The list so far:

Gallian Krueger 250ML

Danelectro Honeytone

Danelectro Nifty Fifty

Roland Micro Cube

Zinky Smokey Amp,an amp and speaker housed in a Marlboro crush-proof box that can drive a 4x12 cabinet(not very loud).

Loco Boy amp that plugs right into the guitar, no cord needed.

I'm still looking foor a properly priced '83 Fender Super Champ,Paul Rivera design, that will tear the grill cloth off of Hillbilly's '58. ;)

Just kiddin' Hillbilly, I know you live for the old stuff.

old orange amps kick ass - as do the cabs -