order from frank shamrock's site?

It's almost 2 weeks and I haven't received anything, gotten a confirmation or gotten a response from an on-line question.

Just wondering if anyone has purchased anything from his site and what the customer service was like.

I ordered a WEC dvd from his site about a month ago. I used a credit card online, and got an almost immediate response from customer service with my order confirmation. About 3 days after that, they sent another email stating that my product had been shipped, along with my tracking code to check progress. Nothing bad to say at all, this was my second order from them and they have always been top notch with me.

I ordered the WEC event which Frank fought in. I also recieved an email immediately confirming my order. I got my dvd in a day or 2, but I live only an hour or 2 away from where they shipped from.