Order from TapouT......

Yeah order from them!


Talk about fast!

Like em or not they are the SHIT!

Thanks guys got my order today.
With extras.

Somewhere in BFE Indiana.

I am wearing TapOut right now!!!!


ttt for TAPOUT!

The tapout guys are super cool! Some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet

Awesome service at TapOut!


They make cool thongs for girls, and Belt Buckles.... you gotta see them!!


Belt Buckles? Since when? Where? How? TELLLLLLL MEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Shelby, can you model a tapout thong while I am waiting for my tap out belt buckle picture?

That is all.

ha ha.. Nope sorry. Unless TapOut wants to pay me some $$$$ to put it on the site :) Then maybe!


Money changed everything. TTT for money!

Yes they have fast shipping, but they have had dogfights in their comercials. They should realize that dog-fights has nothing to do with mma, dog-figths are for covards who do not dare to fight for them selves and tries to hide that playing tough while abusing animals.

ttt for Shelby to model for TapouT!!!!!;-)

TAPOUT is all we streetboxers will wear, they are the only clothing company that understand our lifestyle. Maybe it is because like us, they are also from the meanest streets in America.

www.streetboxing.com fully recommends TAPOUT.


TapouT is the shiznitzzz!

My Wife likes to rip my TapOut board shorts off me when we make love.

Just watched the Bad for the Sport video.
The first fight on the tape Riley vs Willis.
You can see my boy n me ringside.
Kinda cool to be on another tape.


I am sitting here in my tapout thong right now... REPRESENT...


Damn it...I've been wearing it as an eye patch!