Ordered Domino’s pizza for first time in 20+ years

I got two thin-crust pizzas from Dominos the other day and it was not bad.

I love heating up pizza in my cast iron

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Not bad not bad at all. It’s actually quite good. Presentation might be off a little though. I’ll buy it again over pizza hut (sounds like a place where a pedo would hangout) anytime.

In order:

Pizza Hut
Papa Johns
Little Ceasars
Papa Murphys

You put the two worst chains at the top.

Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza is the best out of the chains.

I buy them from this Bengali dude and his son who run a Pizza Hut in the ghetto mall, just tell him to make it well done that I want the pepperoni xtra crispy

You buy pizza from a tiger that runs a pizza hut? Thats badass

No, this type of Bengali

I like my version more

Jets Pizza is like old school Pizza Hut.

no wai


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Well done is the Pizza Hut hack for sure

I remember a Little Ceasar’s inside of KMart made the best pan style. The main manager guy was carried over from when they converted it from a K-Cafe to a pizza place. He was old school and all business with the food service, made the crust perfect and had the normal kids working there in check doing things right. He disappeared after a while and it became shitty like you would expect a Little Ceasars in KMart to be. Staffed by all “urban” teens.


The guy in the vid and baker who founded it passed away last night from cancer. RIP. I may get one in his honor

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Damn that sucks, that guy seemed awesome. Go get a slab and post pics.

goonies rules, fuck Cancer

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Looks like it came out of the oven 2 hours ago.

Haven’t has pizza in like 6 months, a walmart take and bake. That shitty domino’s looks awesome.