Ordered the Baret Yoshida tapes...

And I never saw a good review on them. One guy at the jiu-jitsu gear forum liked them a lot, but wasn't very specific. So remind me to review them in a week or ten days, and I'll let you know what I think.


We will be waiting!

Will do, and looking forward to it.


Tapes and their worth is purely subjective. That being said, these tapes are THE best I've ever seen. They contain technique (instruction), sparring sessions, and clips of nhb and grappling competition and training. Watching him roll is inspiring to say the least. Considering some of the language barriers many of us experience training Brazilian jiu jitsu, his communication, or lack thereof, is not a problem at all.

He rolls with some big dudes on those tapes!

You really have to watch those tapes several times to get something out of them. But the sparring footage is truely inspirational.

theyre darn prciey though