Ordering STAB

I ws about to purchase Karl's STAb video via PayPal hen I recieved the following message:

"This recipient is not yet registered. PayPal will send an email to the recipient explaining how to open an account and receive your transaction."

Is this something I need to worry about or should I just go ahead with my order?


Thanks for pointing out the trouble.

It should all be sorted out now; please try it again and we will get the video out to you asap.

Best wishes

Defence Unlimited SBG_UK

is stab available in dvd?

Unfortunately not at the moment

We are looking into the possibility of putting it onto DVD, but that is unlikely to be very soon.

Best wishes

Defence Unlimited

whens the clinch tape coming out?

Thanks to a lull in gang activity I finally managed to place my order. Cant wait to see the material.