Oregon woman holds potential arsonist at gunpoint


Caught on private property with matches on him..  



Wildfires in California has always brought out the pyromaniacs. No surprise they would in Oregon as well. They can get their fire thrills with a smaller chance of getting blamed.

Except for this dumbass.

Anyone who's lived in California for a long time knows well that the climate is changing here. It's been drying more and more most of my adult life, and probably before. Streams that no longer run, hardly anything that can be called a rainy season where I live in years. Major contrast to just 30 years ago.

Yeah, things sure have changed since the lush, verdant days of the California dust bowl.


Where I grew up in CA you’d pretty reliably get nothing but rain from Jan through about April.  The Central Valley fields would be flooded to the point where you could see people windsurfing out on the farm land out by Sacramento.  


It was always more about the snow pack in the sierras though.  

This last year in so cal was one of the wettest I can remember. Snowed and stuck 3 different times here in the high desert. 

It’s been hot lately in California for sure,  but it did rain for like 2 weeks straight in March/April, right after the Covid shutdowns started.  

So that’s what Climate Changer looks like.

And good on her.

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tenchu - So that's what Climate Changer looks like.

And good on her.


Shouldve shot him just based on how he was wearing his hat