Oreilly is a vicious person (VID)

How many interviews like this will people have to see before they realize what a monster Bill Oreilly is.

Everytime anyone has an opposing view to his or his Neo con administration that he supports.

He attacks them, calls them names and LIES about the facts they present.

Then when they are not on the show, he lies again and misrepresents what they said.

he is a proven sex offender that bought his way out of court and should be in Gitmo.

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Vicious anal dildo user, IMO

"Vicious anal dildo user, IMO "

and loofahs, too

You..you...really think so?

lol @ the kooks trying to shout down someone speaking.


also, I fail to see the viciousness in that video.


I'm usually a fan of Bill but, he was smashed up in that interveiw.

The woman = clear, concise, well thought out arguments with merit.

Big O = "you're a loon"

good on ya mate! There are probably good counter arguments that O seemed just too dumb to realized and, resorted to insults.

On the eve of a major speech by President Bush, in which he is expected to announce an escalation of reportedly 20,000 to 30,000 troops to be sent to Iraq, a new poll finds that a majority of the US are against the so-called "surge."

According to the USA Today/Gallup poll, the American public opposes Bush's expected plan by 61 percent to 36 percent, with the president's support primarily within his GOP base.

"A number of polls have shown that when given a choice between a set of alternative ways of handling the troop situation in Iraq, only about 10% of Americans opt for the alternative of increasing troops," Frank Newport writes for Gallup News Service. "The rest opt for withdrawal of troops either immediately, within a 12-month timeframe, or by taking as much time as needed."

So I guess her position was not too far off base. Oreilly was the one with his facts and figures out of whack

He's the Stephen A. Smith of political TV talk.

They're both from the I must be right, b/c I'm talking louder than you are school of broadcasting.

I agree with Bill on the fact that the shouting down approach wasn't the best however in pretty much everything else that girl was correct and well spoken. She was cute too.

The girl was well spoken but ultimately...a loon.

Bill laid the smack down on her.

"I agree with Bill on the fact that the shouting down approach wasn't the best however in pretty much everything else that girl was correct and well spoken. She was cute too."

Did anyone else bother to think that the reason he did it was to give her a taste of her own medicine--his initial point was that this woman's group was known for shouting down speakers with mob tactics.

she was 100% correct

the illegal war of aggression launched by the War President makes him a war criminal in line with the precedent set at the Nuremburg trials as well as the United Nations Charter signed by Truman at San Francisco

The Nazi war criminals who started wars of aggression were found guilty and executed at Nuremerg

One can only hope the same thing happens to the American War President and his co-conspirators

Wars of aggression are essentially an evil thing...to initiate a war of aggression...is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.

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Nobody really laid the smack down on each other, which kinda says a bit about Bill that he couldn't handle her.

He gets up on a pedestal saying you shouldn't do this and that, and I actually agree with him that they shouldn't shout down people. However, calling people names and suggesting their point is wrong because the majority doesn't back them is downright fucking laughable. Imagine how little progress civilization would have made if people simply followed the majority. Bill gets the highest ratings so he thinks crap like this applies. I get the highest ratings, which means I must be the most right on all subjects.

Seriously, I kinda like Bill but he's downright off the wall at times. For instance when he threatened a Canadian reporter with a boycott on Canadian goods (LOL), and backed up the threat with phoney figures, from a phoney paris newspaper on a french boycott. Only he can get away with that crap, imagine if NBC news did stuff like that.

yeah, imagine...

He is a clown that conducts himself like a primate and has debate skills without the power to simply talk over people and cut them off.