orginal guard passing vs newer one

I have Michael's original guard passing 2 tape set. I was just wondering if the new dvd version has additional instruction, etc.

I want to get the new one, but want to make sure they aren't the same.


The new one is VERY different from the old one. The old version sucks in comparison to the revised version.

Thank you

the new ones are much better. it goes into detail on leg on shoulder and hug the chest pass...

there's a new one? i'm not sure which one I the new one called Ultimate Guard Passing, 3 part series?

The newer version is the one I am wearing a gi.

which videos have Revised editions, only the Guard Passing videos? if so, which volumes are available in the revised editions?


The entire guard passing video was revised. It is now on 2 DVD's.

Actually, my pin escapes volume 2( scarf hold escapes) was also revised a little. So the version on DVD is a little different than the one that was on tape.

so both guard passing 1 (basics) and 2 (counters) have been revised? or only guard passing 1? im still a little confused

thanks again

Sorry about the confusion. Only guard passing 1 has been revised.