Oriental Adventures ?

One of my favorite add-ons ever. After that, everyone was playing samurai and ninjas along fighters and wizards. It made for some bizarre campaigns.

the Shintao Monk kicks ass as well.

...loved it....

The 1st edition book was one of my favorites as a kid, but the reality was that it was horribly unbalanced.

they made the "Kensai" way too powerful.

I bought the 3e book and I can see that they've done a great job with the new system.

kensai was the martial artist right???

the weapon master.

yep i always picked martial arts as the "weapon"....

yeah i played a high level campaign wiht a high level kensai with the 1st ed rules adapted to 2nd ed i was dualed in jo sticks and could do like 120 points of damage with them

lol exactly!