Original Sin - Fury/Thor ( Spoilers!!!!)

Wtf did Fury say to Thor so he now cant pick up Mjolnir!!! Phone Post 3.0


He said "Sif is a post-OP trans-centaur. You hit that didn't you? Grossssss". Phone Post 3.0

Hahaha love these Phone Post 3.0

"You've killed more people than you will ever save." is my bet.

That's a good one, Danny. Phone Post 3.0

Maybe it has something to do with Infinity when Thor killed the builder, but I'm going to assume it's a secret that the reader doesn't know.

Odin is not your father Phone Post 3.0

The reason why Loki hates you is because you got drunk and raped him :(

"You like that you fucking idiot"

Probably something to do with his sister.

I am just speculating.... Perhaps he said:
"Reed and Tony made more than one clone. Which one are you?"

"You is gayyyyyyyyyy"

"Needle dick! Needle dick! Needle dick!" Phone Post 3.0

dizz - "You like that you fucking idiot"