Orlando Cani - Rickson's yoga?

Anyone have contact info (is there a website, address, etc.) for Orlando Cani (Rickson's yoga teacher) in Brazil? Anyone trained with him? Thanks for any info!

duh, found the website (orlandocani.com) - but does anyone have any personal antedotes or stories of training with him?


My friend spent a week training with him in Brazil this past summer. He learned so many things from Orlando. From what I have heard, Orlando is the guy who actually invented the Animal movements made famous by another brasilian. He calls it Animal Biotics. I know some of the Machado brothers as well as Alexandre Paiva and some other black belts train with him whenever they can.

baleia: thanks bro - would it be possible to pass on my e-mail (abood23@hotmail.com) to your friend or give me his e-mail as I'd definitely like to ask him some questions about his training with Cani. Thanks!

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gynastica natural seminar this satruday in orlando if you live near there


i have met orlando cani personally.
i am not an expert in yoga but what would you like to know?

one interesting thing about cani is he is 70 yrs old and is in phenomenal shape and hes definitely a master of yoga



Here is interview with Orlando Cani. He says Alvaro Romano was his student and basically stole his material.

Orlando's studio is up on the top floor of the building that houses the Brazil Estados Unidos Institute, or whatever the correct name is, on Av. Copacabana, about 2 blocks North of DeLa RIva's academy in the Equipe One Sports Club.