Orlando Tattoo Studios

Need help finding a good studio in Orlando. Two artists I had work done by have both left (Don Davis to New Orleans and Little Joe to ??? both from Devotion). Please recommend a good spot. Leaning towards an old school pin-up girl incase ther are any specialists around. (no offense Devotion is still kickass but just testing the waters)

I dont know anyone in O-town, but I do know guys in Gainesville that love the tradish stuff.

Thanks, but I got to stay local, although I might hit up my buddies at Earthborne in Evansville, IN in April.

Tiger tatoo. Rob G. and Spooky are really good. Look up their website.

Anthem Tattoo in Gainesville does nice old school work.

Wes at Against the Grain in Melbourne does nice work as well.

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Check out Ascension Tattoo. Run by a guy that goes by the name Ant. He did my back work and it came out incredible.

Here is the link to the site...http://www.ascensiontattoo.com/

Thanks, Farve, seems to be the best candidate, unfortunately I have run into money problems again and can't afford one right noww. Do you know anything about Hoffa, I really liked his work.

No I don't, he wasn't there when I got my work done. I know they've won best shop for a couple years in a row in Orlando. If I get anything else done I would probably head back there.

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