Ortega VS Swanson Who ya got?

Who do you want to win, and who do you think will win?

It will Brian’s toughest fight yet. I think he has the skills to pull it out. 

I think and want Brian to win. 

Same, I want Brian to win and I think he will and I think he will. You can’t count out cub though, dude is a motherfucker in all areas of the game and is gunning for that title. It’s gonna be a great fight.


Great fight I got Cub.

Cub could pull out the win but I think Brian will weather the storm and wear him down and get a late win. 

Much respect for for both fighters. 

I think Cub outclasses him on the feet 

Going with Cub but Cub can fight a bit too reckless at times and Ortega has proven he can take a beating and get a hail mary finish, so wouldn’t be too surprised if Cub messes up late in the fight

Cub can be reckless and Ortega is great in scambles. 

I don’t mind if either wins, they’re both deserving of moving forward. It’s Ortega’s time.

Swanson tko

Going Ortega.

The betting odds are very close with Brian at -115. 

Cub Samsonite.

Swanson takes it.

I like both these guys. Heart says Cub, head says Ortega.

That mid choke adjustment was epic! Congrats Brian Ortega!

Gotta eat some crow, great win for Ortega and what a finisher he is

I picked wrong on this one.

KirkBJJ -

I think Cub outclasses him on the feet 

I’m here to take my dose as well... good shit T City!

T-city’s squeeze and personality is amazing but he needs to absorb less shots if he ever wants to beat Edgar or Holloway