Orthopedics TME

Not really familiar with foot doctors. I don't really have any problems other then some days the arch of my foot hurts from doing calve raises. My feet are big and skinny. Also I am a bit flat footed. I figure I have benefits from work I can use so might as well use them. What were your experiences like ? Any info is greatly appreciated ty Phone Post 3.0

If you are looking for a consultation, you may send your questions to many orthopedic clinics, for example, http://www.lacartes.com/business/Ortorex/1874979. During the pandemic, many clinics have switched to online regime and provide consultation online. It is often a free service. So you may send your query to several clinics to test. Some of them will surely respond.

I don’t believe I ever seen a non-replied to thread bumped with a reply after this long ever here. 7 years? Has to be a record here.