Ortiz/Bonnar scuffle from earlier tonight

with a guest appearance by The Shockmaster

sigh Phone Post 3.0

Why was McCully even wearing a mask? Phone Post 3.0

Made me cringe Phone Post 3.0

LOL @ this WWE shit...

this is going to be the death of MMA one day.

No matter how stupid it looked...it has us talking.

Mihow - lol who is the guy in the mask??

Justin McCully.


He fought in the UFC and used to be in Tito's corner during the Ken Shamrock rematch days.

Legit heat.

This, my friends, is what will put Bellator over the top.


I'm surprised someone didn't roll out from under the octagon and climb over the cage with a steel chair. Phone Post 3.0

This makes me sad Phone Post 3.0

Calculus hard over here Phone Post 3.0

God damn it Coker, I know that was Spike's call to do that but you have to tell them no more of this shit. That seriously ruined an otherwise damn good event.

Bellator looks like a fucking joke Phone Post 3.0

You got Bonnar spittin' promos & McCully dressed like an idiot.

Embarrassing. Very bad for the sport. I guess this is what Bellator has to do to get some buzz to try & compete with UFC.

TheDarkPassenger - Why was McCully even wearing a mask? Phone Post 3.0


what are we doing?

ortiz?  is this from 2007?

They have a Joe Rogan clone!



Copyprophet posting it up. Shocked he didnt take credit for the scuffle and production Phone Post 3.0