Ortiz: I'm 'bummed' Rampage went back to the UFC

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                                Ortiz: I'm 'bummed' Rampage went back to the UFC

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                    <p>Although Bellator MMA is growing to be a competitor to the UFC, it has lacked marquee stars. Fans were hopeful that with the acquisition of Quinton &#39;Rampage&#39; Jackson and Tito Ortiz, they might see the two stars square off in the Bellator cage. Unfortunately, Jackson left Bellator and resigned with the UFC, leaving Ortiz &#39;bummed&#39;:</p>

"He made a business decision," Ortiz told MMAFighting.com on Sunday at the Los Angeles FitExpo where he was promoting his Punishment Athletics brand. "I was bummed. I wanted to fight against him. I guess in the long run, we're friends. It would have hurt our friendship. We're still really close friends. He has to pay his bills. I understand that. I guarantee the UFC paid a lot of money for him. I'm very happy for him. That's awesome."

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DaveAP - Wasn't Tito ducking Rampage anyhow?

His neck was broken in 18 places again.

But he is ok now it's 100% again, better than it's ever been and will stay that way unless he loses his next fight which can often cause a medical phenomenon known as spontaneous retrospective relapse of broken neck bones. Phone Post 3.0

18 places? Damn, what a warrior. Phone Post

Cracked skull Phone Post 3.0

That fight would have been ridiculously boring anyway. Phone Post 3.0

Lol @ that pic!! Phone Post 3.0

Tito didn't stand much of a chance anyway. Phone Post 3.0

Outlaw'd by Lytle - Lol @ that pic!! Phone Post 3.0
Whoa you're blue Phone Post 3.0

DaveAP - Wasn't Tito ducking Rampage anyhow?

Tito can't duck anything with that giant head.

Is it no longer in Bellator's lawyers hands?

teamquestnorth -
Outlaw'd by Lytle - Lol @ that pic!! Phone Post 3.0
Whoa you're blue Phone Post 3.0
Yeah, not quite sure how, I think I've been blessed by a Smurf.

Whoever is responsible - thank you!!

The frustrating thing is; I'd gladly buy a blue but there's no function on the App to do so.

The only PC I have is my work lap top and that blocks access to the UG...well the network settings do. Phone Post 3.0

There were vicious rumours that Tito was bummed by Dana White a while back.

Tito has a cracked bum?? Phone Post 3.0

good jokes

im bummed that tito and rampage keep getting work

Tito wouldn't beat Rampage. We all know that. But it was the biggest fight to make.

Tito gets a title shot next maybe? Phone Post 3.0

when King Mo leaves Tito can say how he wanted to fight him too.

I hope Tito does get a title shot and Newton/McGeary slaughter him.

Tito wasn't saying shit about fighting rampage when he could have typical Tito bullshit... Phone Post 3.0

even tito knew he couldnt beat rampage...