Ortiz on UFC August card

According to Dana on MMA Weekly Radio. No opponent decided yet.

That would be great.

Excellent choice!

If not Rich, it would be awesome to see Jeremy Horn. I bet Tito would turn that one down though.

Horn....unless someone is scared.

Murry will get his ass handed to him by Baroni or Tanner.

Let's do some more legit division matchups before proceeding to the WWE stuff.
I'd much rather see Tito fight Kevin, Jeremy, or Tiger.

Funny how Tito is suddenly fighting in every show now.

there really aren't any LHW Contenders currently in UFC for Tito to fight except for Vitor, Randy & Chuck who can't be used for obvious reasons

Dana acted as if Tito and Murray would not fight period. He seemed to give it only a remote chance if Murray gets 4 or 5 fights under his belt.

Dana's smart enough to recognise that if Murray gets his arse handed to him by Baroni or Lindland then he can still make the Tito fight with a few interviews. Nothing lost in all reality. But if they establish Murray then in 4-5 fights time a fight between him and Tito becomes a really big deal and Zuffa makes more money from it and get more mainstream publicity (particularly true in Britain) The same reason stands for not seeing Tito and Horn because it's too big a risk, Tito loses that and he's dead in the water. They need a credible opponent that Tito is really likely to beat.

I'd like to see a Tito vs Randleman fight.

I say Horn get a shot

I'd say that bringing back Babalu or Franklin would be a good idea.

Horn would be the best match-up stylistically.

Randleman would beat Tito. Tito's got better standup, but Randleman's is a lot more powerful, and Tito certainly wouldn't outwrestle him.

Randleman would be the best choice not sure if UFC could get him though


Now is the time to bring back Marvin the Beast Eastman. His fight with Vitor was to quick to show his skills. He just dismantled Tiger White, he is the kotc champ. Good fight for Tito to claw his way back to the top.

Randelman and his recent performances in Pride make him a poor choice to fight Tito. There are too many legit guys like the ones mentioned or even Guy Mezger.

Mezger-Tito 3 would sell tickets. Nto everyone keeps up to date on what has happened in Japan with Guy.