Ortiz on UFC August card

The more I think about it, Tito-Mezger is the fight UFC should put on in August. It can be billed as the rubber match. Guy Mezger always puts on a great show.


Kimo and Shamrock are fighting on the June show not the August show.

I hope that Tito fights either Renato Sobral, Jeremy Horn, or Rich Franklin.

realistically the only top LHWs not already taken by PRIDE for Tito to realistically fight would be Babalu or Horn

IMO it depends if the UFC wants to build Tito up again. IMO Randleman would be the worst match-up for Tito. We might just see him in there to get a win, for a better match-up down the road.

Horn would be the most difficult matchup for Ortiz.

Rich Franklin vs. tito would be great but i think tito would lose this one as well.

Horn vs Tito would be great, but I'd rather see Horn at 185 lbs, where I think he could be the Champ. A loss to Tito could cost Horn the UFC spot he's been robbed of since he lost to Elvis.

no way Tito is going to be at summerslam, LOL

"LEE MURRAY... Tito has already stated he wants to fight him and he will weigh in at 200 lbs. the day of the fight."

so the NSAC should change the rules and allow only Tito to weigh in the day of the fight? With all due respect uncle justice, screw that, make it an exciting match up against another ranked LHW.

Zuffa is scheduling a UFC for August?

The next UFC is June 19th.

He's talking about UFC 49.

rich or murray should be the next opponent

Good point nokuout, why should all the rules be changed so Tito can fight somebody he feels he can defeat. This entire Tito-Murray thing is rediculous.

I also think, without having strong proof, that maybe UFC was talking about matching up Tito and Murray in June but Tito didn't want to agree to it until he saw the outcome of the fight with Chuck. Remember Tito's statement in interview ... I would have fought Murray even if I won.

I think anytime Tito makes a statement like this, he is covering some shit up. Just as he tried to do for years with chuck.

"Dana acted as if Tito and Murray would not fight period."

Good, it would be very poor matchmaking.