Ortiz vs. Belfort

Tito Ortiz and Vitor Belfort step into the Octagon Feb. 5, 2005 to fight after three years of waiting. I was just whom you think will win? How? and what round?

I personally believe Vitor has the upper hand in this one after seeing Chuck lay hands on Tito.

I say Tito by third round stoppage fro melbows leading to cuts and bleeding.

Very close fight. So close that it is too early to give an opinion on outcome. We need to see how things play out with training and preparation leading up to fight.

Vitor tko round 1.

I'm undecided on this one. Vitor is very explosive, but rhodges03 might be right.

Tito by GnP Ref Stoppage late 2nd Round.

I am expecting to see a brutal case of GnP!!

Vitor will beat Tito quickly and in devastating fashion.

Tito unanimous decision 30-27

Whoever gets the takedown, gets the win.

Though Tito did better on his back against Couture than Vitor did. Like...WAY better. so I don't know. This isn't going to be a blowout due to Vitor's stand up though. No way. Vitor has no power in his punches anymore and Tito's probably pretty close in the boxing skill dept. these days. Chuck just has that "big brother" factor over Tito, so he's gonna kick his ass regardless of how many times they fight.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a pretty decent K-1 type fight between the two, cause their takedowns are probably going to be equal.

This is a great fight, and I think it's even better since both of them have 2 more years of tape on the other to check out than as opposed to two years ago. I gotta think that Tito is going to be hungrier, has more to prove, and has more guts than Vitor. If this fight goes past a few rounds, Tito all the way.

It depends who which Vitor shows. Actually, it depends on what Tito shows up as well!

my bet is that the fight wont happen.. BUT if Tito gets an early takedown and holds it.. vitor will break..

Tito won't stop vitor but could control the fight and get the decision.

In a ring Belfort would win for sure.

In a cage I'd say Tito could pin belfort into the fence and G&P to a boring win.

Well lets look at this: Stand up goes to Belfort, Clinch goes to Belfort, Takedowns go to Tito, Submissions go to Belfort although Tito does have game (see his work in Abu Dhabi), Ground and pound go to Tito. This fight could go either way IMO. It does depend which Vitor shows up. If the Marvin Eastman belfrot shows then Tito is in trouble. If the Sakuraba Belfrt shows then Tito by ground and pound.

Tito, gnp, 3rd round.

3 years ago, Vitor, KO 1rst round

Tito by decision. I doubt Tito will make the same mistake of trying to outstrike the striker, even though Belfort is a bjj expert, but the GnP is Ortiz's bread and butter and if he has any chance against Belfort it is just that. I don't think Tito will get a stoppage or KO though.

When was the last time you saw a GNP type of fight in the UFC???

The only hope for Tito is to get a judges decision by executing takedown after takedown, after the ref stands them up.

Vitor is better in every way. As I always say nothing is a sure thing, anything can happen in MMA. but Vitor beating Tito is about as close to a sure thing as there is

"When was the last time you saw a GNP type of fight in the UFC??? "

Tito vs. Cote