Ortiz vs. Cote. Final Word

Why did the crowd boo? I thought this was a great fight. Tito's elbow work was amazing. He stymied Cote at every turn, with each crushing elbow. Sure Cote was a newcomer, got to give him props for stepping in, all the way. But Tito's ELBOWS, ELBOWS, ELBOWS.....


C'mon boys check it out. Speak yo mind...

Because for all of his tough talk and marketing, he doesnt show much skill or excitement.

He is the exact same fighter he was 5 years ago very one dimensional. He will not be a top tier fighter again.

Yes you're right, it was so exciting I couldn't even believe it. I don't want to see Tito again. He loses to the top guys, and is boring against the guys he beats. Would much rather have seen any of the prelims tonight.

even Hugues win by submission now. while Tito still looks the same than 5 years ago dropping this little rabbit elbow and thinking he is the best because of it.

Tough fight for both guys since it was so last minute. Cote needs to be back for sure. The UFC owes him for stepping up. Let's just not overlook what Ortiz had to be going through not knowing who the hell he was going to be fighting, especially after training specifically for Mezger. That said, I understand why so many were upset.



SPG, no Doubt my man. Prelim fights would make the night. But Tito's ELBOWS. They were everywhere. I like that elbow style my friend. I agree, I would have liked to see another armbar, but his elbow utilization was unprecedented... End of story..


Green Whale, WORD.

It was painful to watch Tito not try and get mount or even break Cote's Gaurd! Thats the worst Tito Ive ever seen.

Everybody wants to win!!

Green Whale- If it was Randy, Silva, or Chuck that fought Cote, what do you think the outcome would have been? I can bet they wouldnt have made it such a borefest.

No way tito avenges his two losses recently with this type of performance.

He just looked like he never got out of second gear. He looked like he could have just started raining bombs down or taken the submission at any time.

Snoooze. Stand 'em up!

Iv'e never liked Tito. He was always a boring fighter to me. Its amazing it took people this long to realize it.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for another snooze fest. Dana is the best marketing tool that Pride has. Now I am totally sold on PRIDE.

Tito - the only fight that wasn't decided during the 3 round time limit. Even he shrigged his shoulders at the end of the fight signifying that it was shit.