Ortiz vs. Griffin


"to be fair, he has fought some tough SOB's in that stretch, partner"

True, but not my point. Now, at Tito's age, and not being a finisher, Forrest ought to pack it in if he's stopped.

I think the cagerust will be too much for Tito to overcome. WAR FORREST!!!!!!

Damn Iphones.

Forrest will win.

 Didn't Forrest get screwed on the JD the last time they fought?  That was a few years ago and I'm going completely off memory, but I believe I thought Forrest got hosed in the decision.

I thought Tito's right eye was blackened,did they flip it then at the start?

 Tito is gonna make Anderson Silva look like a chump tonight. Mark my words.

gwar tito.

I don't really care about this fight.
Hope it'll at least keep me awake.

Lets go Tito!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing the fight but would have been better as the submain event.

Would help to sell PPV's having the fight but feels like a warmup match for a title fight.


yOU KNOW THE WORST PART OF THIS FIGHT IS i won;t be able to see it SO IF there are any hearfely brethren out there please i beg of you to shoot me ove a goo stram so zi can at least see this last fight.

I will send you som e beans and tortillos over to you house if you do this wonderful ting nig for me, It won;t ne forgottenj zEVER. I won't sleep tonight bPLEASE. I am on my keees suckers begging ya.


Go Tito!

No reason this shouldn't be a 5-rounder, Dana White, make it happen.

He's gonna get knocked down alright.

The first fight could have been stopped in the first, so yeah, I guess Forrest got screwed in a decision.

Forrest is so goofy