Oscar De Lahoya-Pretty Boy Flloyd

Oscar now seems open to a fight with Pretty Boy Floyd. This would be the msot sigificant PPV draw since Tyson-Lewis in 2002, which topped 1 Million. It is also significant because Oscar's trainer is Floyd's trainers brother, and Floyds uncle.

This would be a huge draw! But would Oscar have a chance? I thinks not after that long a layoff.

Maybe in his prime.

I have 100 on floyd if this happens.

I think Floyd's punches land before he throws them. Kind of like lightning actually goes from the ground up.

Oscar is just as quick as Floyd but much better punching power. Floyd is in his prime and much better boxer. Interesting fight.

BTW, is there a link to the article that repoted this? Thanks.

"oscar definitely has a chance because he is naturally way bigger than floyd and also has tremendous skills himself "

Both of these guys started there career at 130 lbs. Oscar just started earlier and when greed takes over fighters move up in weight in an attempt to make more lucrative paydays.

Both fighters should be at Junior welter or welter.

"Oscar is just as quick as Floyd but much better punching power. Floyd is in his prime and much better boxer. Interesting fight."

Oscar isnt even close to as fast as Floyd. I do think at welter or junior welter oscar will have more power though.

oscar's trainer is floyd's dad. who would train a guy against their own son. no matter what the family history. and at 147 floyd would run circles around oscar at this point in oscar's career. oscar looked bad against sturm and hopkins. and now would have to drop to a weight he ain't fought at in years. not a good match up.

I am not sure if anyone can knock Floyd off right now. He is really in a class by himself at 140 - 147.

Zab Judah may have a chance to cath him with a big shot, but I doubt it.

Margarito probably has the best chance.

Mosley would not stand a chance today.

Hatton has a remote chance, especially if the fight were in England.

Cotto would get dominated.

Tszyu is way too slow.

"Oscar is just as quick as Floyd but much better punching power. Floyd is in his prime and much better boxer. Interesting fight."

I don't know where you are getting this from, but floyd is much much quicker than oscar ever was... I think this is a horrible match up for oscar... floyd has the style that will fluster him and practically guarantee a 12 round decision...

floyd will be a quicker, better defensive and better combination boxer than mosley was agains DLH...

I really wish Hatton/Mayweather would happen, but neither party seems that interested. Lame, IMO.

"...floyd will slapfight him to a decision win..."

Definitely the safe bet.

I'd love to see Oscar thud him with that left hook,

This would be an interesting match.

Win or lose, it's a good last hurrah for Oscar.

I thing Thunder Gatti would tell you those slaps were among the worst punishment he has ever taken.

At this point in his career/conditioning, the only way Oscar could beat Mayweather would be to start singing. That could make Pretty Boy flee from the ring.

Mayweather would handle De La Hoya easily. I love Oscar but Floyd would make him look very old and slow at this point in his career. That match would be a waste of everybody's time.

IMO, the fighter with the best chance of beating PBF right now is Miguel Cotto, although I would still consider him an underdog. Zab Judah would be a very interesting opponent as well; he might be the only jr. welterweight with PBF's quickness.

Margarito would not stand a chance against Mayweather.

"Oscar is just as quick as Floyd but much better punching power"

LOL! I know a bunch of people already commented on this, but its so off i have to also. Floyd would make Oscar look over the hill. They are not even close in the speed dep.

Unless Oscar can land his left hook on a regular basis, Floyd takes this easy. Even if Oscar can get his hook going, he'd have to throw it with bad intentions, not the slap hook hes been using lately.

As far as people who have a chance against Floyd, i see it this way:

Judah: Basically Floyd with a less refinement, more power, and a suspect chin. Floyd makes him miss and counters all night. FLOYD BY UNANIMOUS DECISION

Hatton: This is the hardest to pick. The logical part of me wants to say Floyd easily since hes dealt with pressure fighters and big body punchers before(Jesus Chavez) and took them out easily. But I think Hatton is alot stronger then Floyd and if they fought in England would be able to manhandle him like he did Tszyu. FLOYD MOST LIKELY BY LATE STOPPAGE OR DECISION

Tszyu: To old i think. Even though he blew out another slick boxer in Shambra Mitchell, Floyd is on a whole nother level. Tszyu needs to set a pace and the range to be at his most effective, and i think Floyd is to fast to let him set the pace, and to slick to stay in the middle range that Tszyu loves so much. But you never know, Kostya can stop a tank with that right hand. FLOYD BY STOPPAGE OR UN. DECISION

Cotto: To young, might be able to beat Floyd 5 years from now, but not now. Chin suspect also. PBF BY KO

Margarito: The one person who has a shot in my mind. Slow, but has excellent timing, power, and a granite chin. Floyd would dance circles around him in the early rounds but Margarito would make his shots count and could eventually start to time "Pretty Boy" and land his power shots. Also much bigger then Floyd. Give him a small ring and i think he gets it done. MARGARITO BY KO.

Wow, talk about beign overrated. Oscar isn't even as close as Floyd when it comes to hand speed? Floyd might be a little faster but guys make it seem like it would be something like the Gatti fight. Oscar is the naturally bigger fighter, better punching power, stiff jab and very quick hands. If Corley had Floyd on queer street with his punches at 140 imagine what 1 left hook from Oscar would do at 147. I am not saying Floyd couldn't beat Oscar but to say Oscar has no chance?

Yeah Oscar has a slim chance. The man was a monster as a lightweight, knocking out all of his opponents (pretty much, except for Sweat Pea, I think). Then as he moved up in weight and got super famous he has the classic syndrome, less activity, losses (3-5 since 2002, sorry but Sturm was robbed), less knockouts,... its called getting old.

Oscar has the edge in reach I believe and that could make the difference, he needs to keep that distance between him and Floyd