Oscar De Lahoya-Pretty Boy Flloyd

Floyd definitely has much better skills and quickness, but you can never underestimate DLH's experience in big fights like this one would be, compared to PBF's lack of experience, nor can you underestimate DLH's size advantage and jab, which might be able to neutralize floyd a bit and make it a very interesting contest. But to claim PBF would own DLH when he's never fought anyone even close to DLH in size or skill is just silly.

DLH is a promoter now, and apparently still a fighter, so its up to him, as long as PBF doesnt out-price himself. DLH is still the cash cow, so this would be an opportunity for floyd to showcase his skills to people who have never seen him or heard of him. Much like Trinidad did against DLH.

"If Corley had Floyd on queer street with his punches at 140 imagine what 1 left hook from Oscar would do at 147."

Your exaggerating now. FLoyd wasnt on "queer street" he might have felt a punch or two, but he was never seriously hurt. And lets not forget who went down in that fight

I am exaggerating a little but I thought he was seriously hurt on 2 occasions in that fight at 140 and we've never seen him at 147. If he were to go up to 147 and beat Judah like I was hoping that fight could be made then my opinion would probaly change but I still have my doubts on how well Floyd could take Zab's punch who is just as quick. Hope these fights happen.

It will be hyped hugely but I dont think it will be an exciting fight.

Somerville Bad Boy gives a real good analysis, especially since his opinions are nearly identical to mine. He's got to know what he is talking about. LOL.

lol great minds think alike fightingmajor!

Has anyobdy remembered Oscar's sweet, stiff jab? He uses it do dominate fights against the right style vs. smaller guys. When he moved up he didn't use it as much..but he's 3 inches taller than Floyd. ODLH's jab alone makes this tough for PBF, to say nothing of the huge power deficit.

Wouldn't be surprised if this resembled ODLH-Whitaker but the size and power edge, with the ODLH jab offsetting Floyd's offense, make Oscar a slight favorite IMO.

As much as I don't like Mayweather......

Mayweather by JD unless Oscar gets lucky. Floyd is way too fast and illusive.

After sitting an watching the entire 2000 fight with Mosely again last night on HBO, I am even more convinced Floyd would dominate. Floyd has everything Mosley had (except not as much power) and then some. He is much more elusive than Mosley ever was, and DLH had trouble catching up to Mosley.

If we were talking about De Lahoya in his prime, that would be a more interesting debate.

Mosley has a much better chin though. If Oscar caught Mayweather with some of the punches he caught Mosley with Floyd would be in trouble.

goku, Floyd is twice as fast as Mosley? You can't seriously beleive that. Mosley would look just as fast as Mayweather fighting Gatti. And there is no way Mosley would ever get out muscled by Jose Luis Castillo either. Mayweather is faster but not twice as fast as Oscar and he's a small Jr. Welter and would be a even smaller welter plus Oscar's jab would make a serious diference in that fight.

According to Ringtalk.com this morning, Floyd is breaking away from Arum and will sign a deal with Oscar De Lahoya. This deal will include a huge bout between De Lahoya and Mayweather Jr.

When comparing a potential PBF and DLH fight to previous mosley/DLH, keep in mind when mosely came up from lightweight, he was "supplementing" with BALCO, and once that was exposed and he quit, he just doesnt seem like the same figher anymore. Coming up to 147 is not an easy transition, especially considering he fought at 130 and 135 for so long.

Losmeister has taken the correct and de-juiced it.