Anyone else still suffer from it into adulthood?

Basically I got it when I was playing football in junior high, it acted up and I left it untreated until about sophomore year until it came to where I couldn't lift my leg up and straighten it because it was so weak. I am nearly 25 now, and it still hurts if i bang it straight on a coffee table or something, and i still feel like my left leg is weaker than my right because of it... I have that boney lump under my knee similar to this..

Anyone had something done for this or experienced the same symptoms? Anyway to alleviate the weakness/tenderness....a recommended surgery?


Just lots of quad and hamstring stretching


had it when i was a kid, but not since then (i'm 29 now). have you seen a doctor? they told me it usually goes away on its own...

Thats what I thought too...man when i was younger I was stupid and stubborn so I made it worse...i never went to the doc..and when i was like 16 i thought i could bust up the calcium boney deposit with a hammer...that fucking hurt.


I thought it was an adolescent thing ...if it is still bothering you, then the doc must be able to do something.
When I was a kid I had a bad left knee which required surgery due to the fact I use to train MT from a young age and the the training was to much for my developing bones and the kneecap was mis-shaped slightly by the ever strengthening muscles, I had a surgery at 19 and I am 38 now and have never had a problem with it since.


I had O.S. when I was in my early 20's (I'm 29 now) and it was painful no doubt. I ended up seeing a physiotherapist and he had me doing all types of stretches and what not. I just kept it iced as much as possible and stretched a ton (I also picked up some patella wraps and they helped me out as well).

I'd go and hit up a doc and maybe you'll be referred to a physiotherapist. It worked for me (I have no more pain).

Good luck.

The last two posts are great. can you guys recommend any stretches that particularly helped. I'm a 25 year old college student, broke, I only go to the doc when something is spouting blood or falling off... :)

had it bad when I was in my teens. i still have huge bony lumps on both knees which cause discomfort from time to time, but no chornic or nagging pain like when I was younger. Im 23 now and the symptoms are fairly mild these days, i did lots of physio and stretches for it years ago. My doc had me doing lots of quad and hamstring exercises..seemed to help.