Oshawa School?

I am going to be in Oshawa for the summer, visiting relatives. Last time I was there I trained at a school close-by but I don't remember the name or the phone number, but I'd like to get in touch and see what the schedule there is like. The guy who taught was Justin Brockman, I believe. Anybody have a phone number to the school? Thanks!
Matt Rogers


Justin's school has recently moved to Ajax (still close to Oshawa). 905-655-4233 is the phone #.

Bruckmannnnnn Martial Arts for sure.

Thanks for the info! If you have any recommendations of places to train while I'm there (Oshawa) I'd appreciate them too! I'm more MMA oriented, I have a 9-4 record. Three years BJJ, Three years muay thai. This summer I'm going to train, train, and train. I'm hoping it's the hardest vacation I've ever had! :)

Matt Rogers

Is this Matt from Florida? Call me 905 655 4233.

Yes, this is Matt from Florida. It's Sunday now, don't know if your school is open today...I'll give you a call tomorrow. I'm going to be up there from May to August, so I'm looking for some great MMA training. Talk to you soon!

Matt Rogers

Matt e-mail me at justinbruckmann@aol.com I'll give you all the info you need.

Mail has been sent, thanks!

Matt Rogers