OSP vs Mousasi.....who ya got?

in a week and a half we have OSP fighting Mousasi in strikeforce..i like Mousasi alot but i think OSP beats him..im thinking TKO in the 2nd round..should be a great fight..

who do you have?

just imagine if OSP, Mousasi, Calvalcante and king Mo added to the ufc light heavy division?WOW

OSP is a force in that division who surprises me over and over again.  I have OSP by 3rd round decision after a dominant overpowering performance 

I think OSP may be too athletic and strong for him...Mousasi's awesome, but hes also too content to let to let his opponents control the pace of the fight. If Mousasi fights with a sense of urgency, he has a much better chance of winning. Phone Post

mousasi workwd on his tdd defense after the mo fight. he looks sharp in sparrong in ocereems fpa gym and will win. Phone Post

 Osp all day 


whoever gasses first, losses lol...I'm a huge Mousasi fan, but damn...that tank bro


OSP by contorted rape Phone Post

If OSP uses his wrestling and follows the King Mo blueprint, I've got him winning a decision.  

im thinkin gaygard subs him in rd 2.

Remember...gegard was osp before osp was osp....

I see OSP as a better version of King Mo. Gegard fought to a draw against Jardine. Even with the foul, Jardine shouldn't have made it out if the first. Phone Post

Just glad to hear these two are fighting. Should be a great match.

Toquinho -  mousasi workwd on his tdd defense after the mo fight. 

 with who?