OSP vs Shaub

ST Preux says he would be interested in some heavyweight fights if necessary, Shaub says he is thinking about 205...so why not? What would you guys think about this match up? Phone Post 3.0

It would be a fun fight but id like to see osp against another top 10 lhw, hes on fire right now and on his way to a title shot. That being said this fight would be entertaining at 220 catch weight Phone Post 3.0

i hope schaub does well, seems like a good dude who wears his heart on his sleeve which i relate to a little bit. really wish he would go work with ludwig though, he has the athleticism to pull off the footwork he just needs to get right with his fluidity.

that would be a tough fight for Schaub imo. I'd rather he get tested with someone lower in the rankings at 205