OSS New company

Guys launched a company a month ago, OSS Clothing.

And yes, we are on facebook


And we keeping it real. We will sponsor athletes who promote what OSS is about.

So far we have the Miyao brothers, and Leandro Lo from Cisero Costa. Jiu jitsu is easy when all you have to do is pay some dues and show up. Lot harder when you live in a favela

and improper romaji. good grief

Gracie Waikiki official clothing line Phone Post

FCTV808 - and improper romaji. good grief

We actually talked about this or a long time. As an OSU graduate it seemed like an awesome direction to take it.

With that said most people spell it OSS, it's how it's always been commonly used and most importantly it's how it's pronounced.

If we made OSU shirts and people asked are you OSU fan's we would say it's Romanji for Oshi Shinobu, or OSS. This would lead to more confusion than anything.


the douchebaggery is strong in this thread.

Because some one broke it doesn't me it can't be fixed

I dunno what all this jungle-speak means!


Thanks!! Oss is used kind of weird now, and I think a lot of it has to do with guys not knowing better or thinking of it as a joke. Hopefully the company can change that

Good luck Brah.