OT: hardcore gym

I zapped to a channel which showed a short clip about an open-
air gym in Kiev the other day. Apparently, a couple of guys used
an old playground to set up a real hardcore gym. The had all
kinds of machines that they had built themselves, welded together
from scrap metal.
Awesome stuff. They even had an elliptical trainer, a real monster
, and they showed a guy working out on it.
One guy was doing lat-pulldowns with what looked like an
engine block.
The gym is free but - as mentioned above - it's "open-air" and the
clip they showed was apparently shot while it was *really* cold
outside. Those Russians are tough bastards.

Anyway, I thought you guys might find this interesting.

Edited 'cause those Russians are actually Ukrainians...

I'd like to see that, and remember it the next time I get in a bad mood because the gym I work out in is a little chilly because they set the temperature for 300 pound women walking on the treadmill. lol.

Sounds great :D


Sounds like fun. Any links/pics?

Sorry, neither links nor pics. It was just a short clip during an
'intellectual traveling program'. They had a Ukrainian writer show
them around Kiev and the open-air gym bit was only like 2