OT: Rolling in HK or Guangzhou?

I know this is very off-topic but since HJ posts here once in a while about the Korean MMA scene, I was wondering if anyone knows agood and affordable place to roll in either HK or Guangzhou in the province of Guangdong, China. I might visit relatives soon in those cities. I know that HK has a BJJ Club run by one of John will's guys, and a Pankration Team, hoping to enter the Olympics when Pankration is an Olympic sport, but does anyone know of any otehr places? Are the two afforementioned places good? Thanks in advanced guys.

we need an Asia forum maybe ? OT, I saw some Chinese MMA exhibition matches recently.. held in Beijing, possibly with backing of DSE i think. Very amateurish stuff, but a good start. The Sanda athletes have a good base for the sport

Try these websites, it may help.
And yes, I agree there should be an Asia forum. MMA is Asia wide, just that in Japan shows are flashier and the sport is more accepted than any other countries.

www.deftac.org/deftaccenter.asp (Phillipines)

where Naughty? can you tell me what event or if it was online?

Resu, tell me your email address

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