Other OG Dads who need breast feeding advice

Mrs. PanRoasted, thought it would be helpful for other OGer's whose wives may be have issues brest feeding for the first time, specifically with pumps. So hope this helps. Lets keep this clean OG.

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How bout some fries with them shakes

Very informative. VU OP. 


Good to see some actual helpful information posted here instead of the usual bullshit and foolishness. 

It's obvious some OGers doubt the legitimacy of this thread and see it as some kind of troll.

To those OGers I invite you to fast forward to 38 seconds in.

You'll be treated to one hell of a whopper.

This is one of the more detailed videos on the subject.

Yee Yee ...  was a little disappointed that we didn't see what the left one could do, but I am impressed with the amount of nourishment the right one did supply