Other olympic judo beat of 2004.

It was David and Goliath time again when Barcelona Olympics Judo Gold medallist David Khakhaleishvili of Georgia (175kg) stepped into the ring against wrestler Yoshihiro Nakao (98kg). At the pre-event press conference, Khakhaleishvili said this would be "a fight of honor."

Khakhaleishvili clearly did not want to go to the mat with Nakao, and throughout the first he threw hard right straight punches to keep Nakao at bay. When Khakhaleishvili did slip, he was remarkably quick to bounce back to his feet.

Nakao threw a fair number of low kicks in the first, and continued that line of attack in the second. Then, suddenly, he was able to dive in and get a hold of Khakhaleishvili's foot, and twist the big Georgian to the ground. Getting in quickly, Nakao threw a half dozen punches in perhaps twice as many seconds against a semi-prone Khakhaleishvili, who saw no escape and so tapped out.

Wow, and the judo gold medalist had a 170 pnd. wt. advantage. Interesting. Event k-1. Taken Sherdog.

all the big boys lost this year. Size ain't shit in mma.


this judo guy/nakao



Bring on Genki/sapp.

I hope your joking about genki/sapp.


Yeah, Sapp would know about the leg attacks.

I would fear for Genki's life in that fight.

agreed, Genki would most likely get crushed, although I wouldn't be surprised if they matched them up.

"all the big boys lost this year. Size ain't shit in mma."

I respectfully disagree. Of course size is relevent. At least, when all else is equal.

all else is rarely equal. heavier guys get more inefficient and are less optimized. Heavier guys will always be slower.

If you put up a LHW against a LW, then the bigger guy would always win, IMO. But fat fucks and ridiculously big people would always get tooled by a skilled little guy.

then again you have 185 lbers. like Kondo who give competitive fights against top HW's like Barnett.

it depends.


Genki/Sapp will NEVER happen. Butterbean was an MMA newbie, and that is why they matched him up with Genki. Sapp defeated top MW fighter Kiyoshi Tamura in 11 seconds by TKO. Genki would be seriously hurt fighting Sapp.


The Georgian was out of shape, and last competed a decade ago.

"The Georgian was out of shape"

I would think only he and his trainers would know what his conditoning was that night. Didnt he make the 96 olympic team as well?

"When Khakhaleishvili did slip, he was remarkably quick to bounce back to his feet."

At least judging by this report, It doesnt seem David is a slow man.

Genki would own Sapp

i find it really werid that a 380 pound judo gold medal winner did not want to go to the ground. i mean it would be very hard to get out from his pins and subs

That is providing he gets top position.

This guy was extremely overweight and knew the show was over if he hit his back.

Darren: Many who knew who he was wrote him off from the start. We knew that while he was quite good for his time, he wasn't training hard for the fight and wasn't training very hard in judo of late.

So, it wasn't much of a loss.

who cares. Sports judokas aren't supposed to be that good at mma anyways. why can't judo lovers admit that they don't practise ground as much as jiujitsukas?

Yoshida is just talented. People think he's was grappling wizard from the get go but truth be told he learned all that shit from TK. Yoshida is the most naturally talented old newbie there ever was.

Nakao is an all japan wrestling champ. He's great. No shame in losing to him.

A bjjfanboy says what?

I beat up a BJJ blue belt in a street fight with my limited training, does that mean then that I could beat every BJJ blue belt, and that BJJ as a sport sucks?